Episode 11: Wishing Well

When there's something you want but know you can't possibly obtain, like a Red Ryder BB gun, or actual democracy in America, you wish for it. This month on These Are The People, we tackle wishing, talking to several T******ians united by one thing: they made a wish on a well in the middle of the T*****ia Centra Mall (TCM), and it came true. 
Or did it?



It did. The wishes came true, and we're reporting on them. 

Episode 10: Fireworks: The Hidden Menace

The following is a legally-obligated public service announcement from *PR on the dangers of fireworks. If you or your loved ones are currently holding or thinking of holding a firework, please review this announcement to decide whether you have the stones to light that sucker off.

This July 4th, celebrate a happy Fourth of July safely and securely, and under the supervision of an adult blowing .04%.

Episode 9: Gentrification

Progress takes different forms. There's progressive rock and/or roll. Progressive insurance (not a sponsor). 

Today, we look at bad progress: gentrification.

You may have seen them popping up here and there around the nation: cool cities. You might even live in a cool city right now. Maybe your city is becoming a cool city. Maybe you don't like it. What we call it when we don't like it is gentrification.

That's what's happening to T****lvania right now, in our Tin Shed District. We decided to investigate whether or not T****lvania should be a cool city. Join us this week (won't you)?

Episode 8: Pet Psychics

This month, These are the People slows down and turns the focus on ourselves. Specifically, on the studio pet, a cat we found in the crawlspace named Percy.

Recently, Percy’s been acting strangely, and has taken on a surly countenance. Unable to find a medical diagnosis for “stinkin’ thinkin’” from a medicine doctor, we reached out to some of ****sylvania’s foremost pet psychics.

Join us, won’t you?

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Episode 7: Bubble Creem

The 90s were a halcyon day for attitude-forward novelty sodas. Most of them came and went, but none came so hard and went so fast as Bubble Creem. 

Join Jon Washington this week as he charts the story of Bubble Creem, the What's Bubblin' Bubble Creem Chat Hotline, and its mysterious inventor, X-Games also-ran Dean Creem. 

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Episode 6: Love

Scientific discoveries are a thing people do all the time, all around us. Just in time for Valentine's day, we bring you an interview with Dr. Wesley Constantine, whose team has invented a robot that can feel the emotion of love. 

This launched our team on an investigation of what love means, and how it's made. Is it a scientific formula, regimented and dissectible, or is it some other thing? In order to get to the bottom of this, we talk to Tr****ania's lovers, from a pair of new lovebirds to its longest-married couple.

Episode 5: Resolutions

Welcome to 2016! It sure is comfy here, and now that the year on the calendar's all changed up, that means everything's different! We at *PR hope you're keeping your resolutions; we know we are, no matter when in the year you're reading this.

This month, on These are the People, we've gathered up some of T****ania's best and brightest, and asking for their New Year's resolutions. Come join us, won't you?

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Episode 2: GroupCoupon

This month on These are the People, Jon Washington cracks open the skull of deal website Group Coupon and digs around for the truth. You won't want to miss the real stories of true people who were scr*wed over by this unscrupulous web startup.
Then, we got to interview the owners themselves-and you won't believe what happens next!

Episode 1: P**

Welcome yourself to episode 1 of These are the People, "P**." When I first set out to tell the stories of everyday, dumb people, I just thought I was a super-principled journalist doing his job. But you know, in the process of performing some crack journalisming, I learned something: people are just people. And that's what they are: people. 

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